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Fifth Year Social Outreach

5th Year students at Gonzaga become involved in the wider local community each year, by undertaking a variety of activities on a voluntary basis.

The aspiration of the Community Support Scheme is to bring together people who might not otherwise meet and afford them the opportunity to spend time together.  It is very much a two-way process.  It is hoped that the experience will enrich the lives of all involved. Furthermore it is hoped that the experience will foster a greater awareness, sensitivity and generosity in our students.

The scheme has evolved considerably over the years since its foundation in 1986, and presently offers the following options to 5th year students:-

Decorating homes for those elderly who are in deprived circumstances.
(Sat. mornings or Friday after school).

Homework Clubs in the inner city.
(4 – 5.30pm)

Playing soccer or basketball with Traveller children from St. Joseph’s Education Centre, Milltown.
(Wed.  1 p.m.)

Bringing live musical entertainment to people in nursing homes
(by special arrangement).

Playing table tennis with children (aged 12 years) from St. Declan’s School (for “special needs”)
Mondays at lunchtime

The 5th Year Community Support scheme is popular with the boys, doesn’t intrude on class time, and is continually evolving. The scheme functions through the dedicated and generous support of many members of Staff, amongst the longest serving being Mr. Bevan (Homework Clubs) and Mr. Regan (Musical Entertainment in Nursing Homes) Ms. Nevin (Decorating) Mr. Keenahan (co-ordinating).

5th Years delighted the audience at Donnybrook Day Care Centre on Wed 9 May.

The group practiced under the direction of Mr.Regan.
The concert included songs by the Dubliners as well as Percy French and Vera Lynn.
A number of instrumental pieces were played as well as some “sing-along” favourites like “Amarillo”.

The boys are very talented and they were warmly appreciated.