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Code of Behaviour

Gonzaga College SJ aspires to be a community that promotes mutual respect, co-operation and justice for all as core values. The Code of Behaviour aims to respect the rights of all members of the College community. The fostering of personal and communal respect, responsibility and self discipline is a central concern of the College.  It is our hope that individuals and groups will learn to take the fullest possible ownership of the values enshrined in our College Mission Statement, and behave accordingly.

The code aims to promote awareness among our community that intelligent and responsible adherence to the school rules, by which we seek to operate, is in the interest of each individual and of the College community as a whole. The Code is designed to enhance the teaching and learning process which is central to the work of the College.  Each member of the school community shares responsibility for the order and well being of our College

The school rules are necessary for the efficient management of large numbers of students and for the personal development of each individual within the community.  The vision of the College is that each member of the community would aspire to be self disciplined and to show concern for the needs of others.

The Gonzaga student is expected to

Code of Behaviour 2013 -2014 Final Version.pdf

Code of Behaviour