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Dignity of Person in the Work Place

A core employment value is the commitment to ensuring that each individual is guaranteed a working environment where s/he may expect to be treated with dignity both by management and work colleagues.  This approach is a positive emphasis on the importance of each individual and the contribution s/he makes to the success of the workplace.  It guarantees the optimal working conditions that allow individuals to freely maximise their role in the workforce.  Sound management ethos is based on providing leadership that encourages individuals in this regard.  This is best achieved in our school through the creation and maintenance of a positive working environment.

Integral to this employment value and in particular to the principle of mutual respect is the commitment to provide a workplace free from bullying.  It is in such a context that the philosophy and policy statement will be realised.

The objectives of Dignity at Work Policy are to create and maintain a positive working environment in Gonzaga, where the right of each individual to dignity at work is recognised and protected and to ensure that all are aware of and committed to the principles set out in this policy.

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Dignity in the Workplace