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Awards for Graduation

The Graduation Awards reflect and promote the values embodied in the mission statement and the Characteristics of Jesuit Education.

The Davy Medal

The Davy Medal is awarded annually to a graduating student who during his time at Gonzaga has tried to live the ideal emphasised in the Mission Statement of commitment to the service of others. The medal was first awarded in 1999 in memory of Eugene Davy who was instrumental in the establishment of this College and whose three sons and nine grandsons were Gonzaga boys.

Over the years the award has acknowledged contributions of Gonzaga boys to the welfare of others in many different ways.

The Founder’s Cup

When the O’Conor Don SJ came to Gonzaga in 1950 as founding Superior and later first Rector he brought with him a trophy which had been associated with his family for many years.  It was the Lough Allen Challenge Cup. This Cup sat in a cupboard in the Jesuit residence for almost 50 Years.  It is now awarded as the Founder’s Cup to acknowledge the achievement of personal excellence in some area of life which would not normally be recognised by the College. While it is intended that the Cup may be presented every year this may not necessarily be the case.  

Brian Ensor Trophy

The Brian Ensor trophy is awarded each year to the most improved senior rugby player.

The Captains Cup

The Captain’s Cup is the oldest trophy presented by the College. It acknowledges, each year, an outstanding contribution to sport by one of the graduating students.

The Castiglione Medal for Art

The Castiglione Medal for Art is a new Medal specifically for the plastic arts.  Giuseppe Castiglione, S.J. (July 19, 1688 – July 17, 1766) was an Italian Jesuit Brother, missionary in China, painter at the court of the Emperor.  Born in Milan's San Marcellino district, Castiglione studied painting in Italy with Carlo Cornara of the renowned Bottega degli Stampatori painting studio. In 1709, he became a Jesuit and in 1715, he went to China as a missionary. His skill as an artist was appreciated by the Emperor Qianlong and Castiglione spent many years painting various subjects. His style was a unique blend of European painting with Chinese subjects and themes

The Medal and is to be awarded annually to a graduating student who during his time at Gonzaga has nurtured and developed his talent in the plastic arts.  Again one of the criteria for selection for this award is that the student on occasion uses his talent for the benefit of the community.  

The Medal was awarded in 2010 for the first time.

The Forum ’98 Medal

The Forum ’98 Medal is awarded annually in recognition of the artistic achievements of a graduating Gonzaga boy. Over the past six years it has been awarded to students whose work has been in the plastic arts, in drama and in music.  Last year it was decided to separate these disciplines.  The Forum ’98 Medal is now to be awarded for the artistic achievements of a graduating boy in drama.

Graduation Achievement Medals  

Graduation Medals are awarded to those boys who, while pupils at Gonzaga, represent their province or country in sport. For example in 2011 Achievement Medals were given in Rugby, Cricket, Chess, Frisbee, Sailing, Swimming, Tennis, Triathlon, and Water Polo.

Honor Ties with Medals

The International Honor Tie is the reverse of the original Gonzaga tie which became the Prep School tie and ultimately, with the closure of the Prep. School, the Prefect tie.

The McCarron Trophy

The Mc Carron Trophy was presented to the College by the McCarron family to mark a fifty year association with the College.  The Trophy is to be awarded annually to a graduating student who during his time at Gonzaga achieves the highest academic average over his six years as a student in the College.  This award is recognizes his intellectual ability as well as his diligence and commitment to academic excellence.  

The Vice-Captain’s Cup

The Vice-Captain’s Cup or 6th Year Trophy has been presented annually since 1990 to a person who in the eyes of the Vice-Captain and Captain (after consultation with the Headmaster) most represents the ideal of a Gonzaga graduate.

The Zipoli Medal

The Zipoli medal, now in its second year, is awarded for Music and named after one of the biggest Jesuit names in classical composition. Domenico Zipoli was born in Italy in 1688 and after studying under Allesandro Scarlatti in Naples moved to Rome in his early twenties. In 1716 he entered the Jesuit order in Spain and left the following year for the South American missions; a great deal of original Jesuit music, much of it by Zipoli, is preserved in archives in Bolivia. Never fully ordained, Zipoli died in 1726 in Cordoba, Argentina.

The medal is awarded annually to a graduating student who during his time at Gonzaga contributes to the musical life of the College, whether in choral or orchestral music, traditional sessions or more contemporary styles. Particular emphasis is placed when awarding the Medal on the contribution made by senior students to the development of musical talent among the younger members of the College community.