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Homework Policy

Ignatian pedagogy views education as a life long process where a school strives to give students the capacity and desire to become self directed learners.  Within this context Gonzaga College offers an academically distinguished curriculum that challenges students to achieve their full potential.   A significant aspect of responding to this challenge is the setting and doing of homework.  

Regular study at home is an integral part of a pupil’s education.  Homework is one component of this study at home.  This is directed and assessed by the class teacher.  It may take a variety of forms, written exercises, research, course work, reading, memorisation of material and preparation for classes.  The other equally important component of study at home is designed and directed by the student himself.  This is the ongoing review and consolidation of information and skills arising from class work.  It is essential that students should have frequent and increasing opportunities to develop and strengthen their competence as independent learners.

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Homework Policy