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Jesuit Schools

Belvedere College SJ
The College is a Catholic school under the trusteeship of the Society of Jesus. Set in the centre of Dublin city, it continues today a tradition of over 170 years in the Jesuit approach to education. The school is fee-paying but provides a scholarship scheme, independently funded, out of a desire to be socially just. The family, as the primary educator, through its commitment to the values of the school, shares the responsibility for the students' education.

Clongowes Wood College SJ
The mission of Clongowes Wood College is to educate its pupils according to the best traditions and highest standards of Jesuit schooling and the values of the Gospel, as expressed in The Characteristics of Jesuit Education.

As a boarding school located in beautiful surroundings twenty-one miles from Dublin and drawing its 450 pupils from all over Ireland and abroad, Clongowes aims to create an open, happy, stimulating, mutually respectful community in which young people are able to develop the full range of their talents and abilities in a balanced, integrated and generous way.

A Clongowes education seeks to inspire a sense of wonder in God’s creation, providing the wider community with resourceful and determined young men, with strong inter-personal skills and leadership qualities. In an overall sense, the aim is to educate each pupil to think and speak for himself, use his initiative, and provide leadership where required. In the famous dictum of the late Fr. General of the Society of Jesus, Pedro Arrupe, a Clongownian should be a "man for others".

Morale at Clongowes is high among pupils and staff. In co-operation with parents we are dedicated to ensuring a happy living and learning environment in order to produce confident and well-rounded young adults.

Coláiste Iognáid SJ
Coláiste Iognáid today is a co-educational voluntary secondary school with a student population in excess of 600. As a voluntary school it is non fee-paying and publicly funded, although it depends greatly on the generosity of benefactors, alumni and parents alike to enhance its facilities and fund the large variety of extra and co-curricular activities considered essential to a Jesuit education.

Crescent College Comprehensive SJ.

Crescent College

Comprehensive incorporates the characteristics of Jesuit Education. It seeks to develop fully each students' religious, moral, social, intellectual, physical and cultural sensibilities. As an important means of doing this the school strives to create a strong sense of community between parents, students and teachers.