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Junior Cycle Curriculum

Students follow the Junior Certificate programmes.

The first three years prepare boys for the Junior Certificate Examination.  There is a core programme of Civic Social Political Education, English, French, Geography, History, Irish, Latin, Maths and Science.  At the end of First Year students make a choice of one other subject from Art, Classical Greek, German, Music and Technical Graphics  

Art, Choir and Music are also on the First Year curriculum.

Physical Education, Religious Education and Social Personal and Health Education are also on curriculum for Junior Cycle.

School Timetable

Technical Graphics

Technical Graphics is one of the technology subjects offered at junior cycle. In Technical

Graphics students learn how to represent 3-D objects on paper and on computer. Students develop problem solving and creative thinking skills through the solution of graphical problems. This subject was introduced into the curriculum in Gonzaga, last year for the first time. Some third year students will sit the Junior Cert exam in this subject in June 2013. This subject will be of particular interest to students who wish to progress into career areas such as architecture or engineering.

Latin, Greek and Classical Studies Speech Competition

The first Classical Association of Ireland Latin, Greek and Classical Studies Speech Competition took place in Trinity College on March 22nd last.

Gonzaga was well represented with fifteen students taking part, including Turlough Hannon, Jarlath McDonnell, Lorcan McNamara, Joseph Carthy, Philip Johnston, Jack Connaughton, David Byrne, Peter McCormick, Brían Connolly, Aidan Fitzpatrick, Luke Gardiner, Conor Boland, Matthew O’Dwyer, Oscar Nugent and Paul Corcoran.

Students were required to prepare two extracts of poetry or prose and were asked to read or recite one of them. The standard was very high, with over 100 students participating from all over the country.

Gonzaga was very successful. Luke Gardiner won 1st place, and Brían Connolly won 3rd place in the Junior Greek Competition, and Oscar Nugent won 1st place and Paul Corcoran won 3rd place in the Senior Greek Competition. Oscar also picked up 2nd prize in the Senior Latin Competition.

Congratulations to all who took part. Bene Dictum!

The Romans rewarded soldiers with different types of crowns (coronae) – some were made of gold, others of oak leaves or grass. The photographs below show First Years modelling their very own hand-crafted Roman coronae – from bay leaves!

(Photographs, courtesy of Dr. Corcoran)

A new classroom has been allocated to the subject this year. Lessons now take place in Room 18.

For more information about Technical Graphics, click  here.