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To help us catalogue and identify, the Archive page will regularly post collections of photos of the past.  Help us by sending your comments and identifications to


Update 09 October 2020

As the pandemic has halted temporarily the rotation of archive items in the display cabinet,  the

Archive section of the website will regularly publish a few photos. The College has just celebrated its

70th birthday so some very early photos are attached. 



Archbishop John Charles McQuaid blesses the new school - 1950
Barrow boys 1
Barrow boys 2
The avenue with signpost to Sandford Grove, home of the first Bewley owner, Samuel.
Sandford Hill in the days before Gonzaga
PE in the 50s
Early schooling
Early rugby
Lower House , 1950s. 3
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Set designs by Mr Darragh O'Connell. RIP.

The empty space: Darragh O’Connell and Siobhan Keogh, 2009
Danton’s Death, George Büchner (2008)
On the set of Faust - Goethe (2009)
Gerry Murphy’s Double Check, (2006)
Julius Caesar - Shakespeare (2004)
A Few Good Men – Aaron Sorkin (2006)
Amadeus – Peter Shaffer (1999)
Hassan – James Elroy Flecker (1988)
The Silver Tassie – Sean O’Casey (1998)
The Silver Tassie
The White Guard - Mikhail Bulgakov (2007)
The Royal Hunt of the Sun – Peter Shaffer (1992)
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Information Archive

1968 production of Billy Budd, directed by Darrach Connolly. We would be interested to hear your recollections of the production.

Class of 1969

We intend, finally, to frame photos of the classes prior to 1976 and need to identify individuals accurately. Please send the names of those above to

Invitation to Billy Budd, 1968
Billy Budd 1
Billy Budd 1a
Billy Budd 2
Billy Budd 3
Billy Budd 4
The cast, with Darrach Connolly (back to camera)
Cast photo, with Darrach Connolly seated, centre_
Sadly the only photo we have of Darrach Connolly, director of Gonzaga's earliest plays
Programme Billy Budd 1968
Programme Billy Budd - the production team
Programme Billy Budd - a historical note on the play
Cast List, Billy Budd
Gonzaga Record 1950
Gonzaga Record 1985
Gonzaga Record 1994
Gonzaga at Sixty
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Danton’s Death, George Büchner (2008)