Assembly start of year 2018-19
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'Drop Everything and Read'

Thank you to everyone who took part in 'Drop Everything and Read' on Friday, and thanks to JCSP Libraries for organising the initiative. The aim was to promote literacy and to spread the joy of reading for pleasure. You can find out more here You'll see in the photos that our staff chose a wide variety of books to read during DEAR time. For some book recommendations from students and staff, check out our new 'ZagaReads' account on Instagram. If you have any more photos of students taking part in DEAR, or if you'd like to recommend a book for ZagaReads, please email Ms McNamara.

Gratitude Journal

We asked the members of the Gonzaga College community what they are feeling a sense of gratitude for during our time apart from each other. Watch our video on the Soul Feed page. Many thanks to Ms O'Brien Quinn for putting the video together.

TY Philosophy Calendar Project

TY students were invited to take part in a Philosophy Photography Calendar Competition. The brief was: 'Take a photo of one thing for every day we are in isolation that made you think and wonder about the nature of human existence. Create a visual calendar with a brief explanation of the philosophical question associated with the image.' Well done to the winner, Benjamin Bradley in 4C. Here are some examples from his calendar.

Spring Wreath Competition

Students in 1C and 2C were given an assignment by their RE teacher Ms O'Brien Quinn to create spring wreaths from flora and fauna in their gardens. The aim of the project was to celebrate Easter, to welcome Spring and to enjoy the fruits of nature in our locality. Well done to the winners Seán Radcliffe and Reuben O'Neill on their very creative wreaths.

Share your Story

What's Your Story? A Day in My Life: Living Under the COVID-19 Pandemic EducateMagis invites students from all Jesuit schools around the world to share their stories with each other as we live through these uncertain times. “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” (1John 4:18) DIRECTIONS: In approx. 200 words (3-4 paragraphs), describe what your typical day has been like since the outbreak of COVID-19. Here are some questions to consider: What is happening with the coronavirus crisis in your country? How have these changes impacted your daily routines? What have been the challenges from this situation (desolations)? What have been the gifts and graces from this situation

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