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FlexiBuzz: new communication app

The College has introduced the Flexibuzz app to share information with parents. This app will be used to distribute news and parents can use it to report absences. It will be used instead of text messages.

The app can be downloaded for free from the App and Google Play stores. It can also be accessed through laptop, desktop and Mac devices by visiting

To download Flexibuzz visit the App or Google Play store 1. Click on the Flexibuzz icon and install. 2. Register using an email address and password of your choice. Please keep a note of these details as you may need them in the future. 3. Allow notifications. 4. On the search function, select Schools Secondary, then select Gonzaga College SJ. 5. A List of available groups will appear. Select the group or groups you would like to join.

From time to time Flexibuzz will update the app. If the update causes any technical issues please just delete the app and re-download from the App or Google Play store.

Please remember to update your son's Form Group every academic year to ensure receipt of relevant notifications and information.

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