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The CALL 2019

The CALL, February 4th - 9th 2019

Celebrating the legacy of Mr Darragh O’Connell, Fr Joe Brennan SJ and Fr Kennedy O’Brien SJ.

The CALL was initiated to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of alumni in so many artistic and creative disciplines as well as to encourage current students who have ambitions in the creative arts, and open the eyes of others to possibilities of which they might never have thought.

It has been immensely successful in its first three years and hugely popular with the students. The contribution by the Past to events, talks and workshops has been exceptionally generous and demonstrated the wide variety of possibilities open.

The sad events of 2018 have robbed us of three men whose contribution to the creative life of the students was immense: Fr Joe Brennan in music, Fr Kennedy O’Brien in literature and Darragh O’Connell in art. How appropriate, then, to dedicate this year’s CALL to celebrating them.

As Darragh’s death abroad and in retirement gave us no opportunity to formally acknowledge his passing we propose to put particular emphasis on art during CALL week with participation in talks and workshops by his former pupils and with an exhibition in the school of their work. The week will end with an evening Mass in commemoration of him, followed by a concert which will in turn recall Fr Joe’s contribution to music in the school. The literary events of the week will be dedicated to the memory of Fr Kennedy.

Current plans are for the CALL to take place in the week beginning February 4th 2019, with Mass for Darragh O’Connell and the concert on Saturday 9th.

Please make a note now of these proposed dates.

Michael Bevan

for The CALL

19th June 2018

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