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Justice and Peace Group

The JUSTICE & PEACE group is made up of students of all year groups interested in researching issues relating to these concepts in our world today and working on age-appropriate projects. The aim of the group is to raise awareness of these topics among students, staff and the wider community. Students work on projects promoting justice in the world and present these within the school, through social media and the Educate Magisnetwork. The group is looking in particular at the following four key issues of justice:

1) Economic and Social Justice (Ireland)

2) Global Justice (Development Education)

3) Climate Justice

4) Migrants & Refugees

A special aspect of this group is that it is run in connection with other Jesuit and Loreto schools and/or institutions that all work towards peace and justice for all. We hope that in years to come we can have meetings and debates with partner schools.

Justice & Peace members meet weekly with Ms Clarke and Ms Penn in Room 13. During meetings we discuss current topics and invite guest speakers in order to inspire us. If you have any questions, please email

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