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Coding Classes

The Academy of Code will once again be running computer coding classes in the school this coming school term as an extra-curricular activity.

  • These classes are suitable for all students from 1st to 6th year

  • The classes will cater for beginners, intermediate and those with more in-depth coding skills.

  • Classes will commence on Tuesday 22nd January

  • Classes will run from 4pm to 5.30pm each week for 13 weeks.

  • The cost will be €229 for the full term.

The Academy of Code have developed their coding curriculum over a number of years with the goal of developing students' understanding and enthusiasm for the subject. While engaging lesson plans and projects are a central theme in the module, the Academy of Code’s curriculum is designed to ensure that every student is challenged appropriately no matter what their prior knowledge is. Samples of the course content can be found at

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn a very valuable contemporary skill, especially with digital literacy being embedded in the Irish educational system at an ever increasing pace. Registration should be completed through The Academy of Code's website at the following link- AOC Spring-2019-Gonzaga-Tech-Club

Questions about the classes can be directed to the Academy of Code, either by email to or by calling Tom Maher on 087-901-9062.

Places are limited, so we encourage all interested students to register as soon as possible.

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