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Green Schools News

The Green Schools Committee is currently working on Gonzaga's sixth green flag: Global Citizenship - Litter and Waste. So far we have conducted a global awareness survey, a nationalities survey and a waste audit. We carried out litter pick ups on the school grounds and sold water bottles and travel mugs to encourage students to avoid single use plastics.

​We have also continued working on previous themes. For example, to promote biodiversity on the school grounds we recently planted 100 new native trees in a hedgerow in front of the walled garden. Thanks to the Native Woodland Trust for supplying the trees. To facilitate more cycling to school, we installed new bike stands with funding from Dublin City Council. We have also participated in two 'Fridays for Future' demonstrations outside Leinster House (read more here) and, along with the Justice and Peace Group, we sent representatives to last Friday's climate action demonstration. Anyone is welcome to get involved in Green Schools; talk to Ms McNamara or come along to one of our meetings every Thursday at 8am in the Library.

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