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Conor Biggs Concert

Sunday 15th December 2019, 3.00pm

NCH John Field Room

Conor Biggs, bass Michel Stas, piano

Schubertreise - the performance of the complete Schubert songs by Conor Biggs (Gonzaga Class of 1978) and Michel Stas

For their final recital of 2019, Conor Biggs and Michel Stas continue their voyage through mostly uncharted Schubertian territory. More celtic mythology in the Ossian setting Shilric und Vinvela; German mythology in Hermann und Thusnelda; a festive drinking song, Skolie; the exquisite miniature Der Jüngling an der Quelle, a shaggy dog story in Das gestörte Glück, and Beethovenian splendour in Dem Unendlichen.

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