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Green Jersey Day 29 May

Green Jersey Day, 29 May 2020, is an initiative to encourage support and collaboration of all involved in our Gonzaga Community, including Students, Parents Groups and Alumni.

On the last day of term, 29 May 2020, we ask everyone in the wider Gonzaga Community to put on a Green Jersey, take a picture (a selfie or family group photo) and email it to Ms McNamara for publication on the school website, (or use in next year’s Gonzaga Record), or posting to the Gonzaga Instagram page.

We can all wear the Gonzaga 'Green Jersey' together. Just as on other Green Jersey Days there is also an optional fundraiser – has been set up as a donation portal and donations will be divided equally among the following three charities: Peter McVerry Trust, Spinal Injuries Ireland and St James Foundation. Each Charity represents a connection to each of the School, Parents and Gonzaga Union.

The Gonzaga Union has also made special Green Jersey Day arrangements directly with Q50 Catering and TriBeCa (donations will be made when meals are ordered!) Details on

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