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Sports Timetable Sep-Oct

See here for the current sports timetable.

In the College, we are endeavouring to offer as full a co-curricular experience to our students despite the current Covid-19 situation. Sport is even more important to school life and personal wellbeing than ever, and we hope to see as many students participating in any sport, at any level over the school year. All teachers and coaching staff are aware and actively implementing the appropriate safety measures to ensure the boys have a safe and enjoyable return to co-curricular sporting activity. Face masks will be required for indoor sports such as Table-Tennis and Badminton. Other traditionally indoor sports such as Basketball and Ultimate Frisbee will take place outside for the first half term to minimise the risk of close contact indoor sport. There will be hand sanitiser available at every session, and shared equipment will be sanitised thoroughly. Changing facilities will be limited and there should be no shared or communal water bottles. Each student should bring their own labelled water bottle to their training session or match. These measures will be revisited regularly and will be modified as appropriate to align with the most up to date public health and individual sporting body advice. If there are any questions regarding these measures or getting involved in any sport, please drop into the Gamesmaster’s office, opposite Room 10. Ken Murray Sports Co-ordinator

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