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All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad 2020

Well done to Sean Radcliffe in S3C who won a gold medal in the junior category of this year's AILO.

'AILO (All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad) is a problem-solving competition, which explores the different ways you look at things and helps you find a solution to any problem. The AILO competition begins with a school-based round. From the first round, the top one hundred students from across the country progress to the national final, which takes place outside of school. In the final, you compete singularly and then in groups. Only the best four students get through to an International competition. In each of these competitions, you are given a worksheet with five sections of problems. Each section is a different language. There are various ways you are quizzed. For example, you can be given six sentences in the foreign language and their translations into English. Below there may be two sentences in the unknown language which you will have to then translate. Last year, I made it to the national final, and placed fourth in the Junior section of the competition.'

Sean Radcliffe (S3C)

Many thanks to Ms Nevin for running AILO in our school.



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