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Biodiversity Week 2021

National Biodiversity Week 2021 (15 - 23 May) is about connecting people with nature, communicating the importance of biodiversity, and motivating people to play their part in protecting it. See the Biodiversity Week website to find out about a range of competitions and events for all ages.

One biodiversity initiative we have in school is the 'Managed for Wildlife' areas near the back gate and junior pitch. In accordance with the guidelines of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, the grass in these areas is left unmown for the summer, and the resulting long grasses and wildflowers provide shelter and food for a range of wildlife, particularly pollinators.

TG4 screened a documentary about the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan called 'Plean Bee' on Thursday, 20 May (World Bee Day), and our school featured in it. The programme was made by Dearcán Media and you can watch it on the TG4 player here.

The flowers in the photo collage have all been spotted in the 'Managed for Wildlife' areas in recent days. See more photos here.

Photos by Ms McNamara


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