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BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition 2022

***Update Friday 14 January***

Well done to Christian and Niall, who won the IE Domain Registry (IEDR) award, and also received High Commendation ribbons. Joe O'Grady also got a High Commendation ribbon, and Joe Molloy did excellently to be accepted first time out as a First Year. Many thanks to Mr Stephen McGroggan for all the help and support he gives to all BTYSTE entrants.

Our school has three accepted entries for this year's BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition:

‘Blendlab’ - Stand number 4240 - Individual - Social and Behavioural Science

Joe O’Grady 4D has coded (4D) computer simulations of Junior Cycle science experiments using the application ‘blender’.

Developing an application to test security using python and web technologies’ - Stand number 2520 - Group - Technology

Christian Barton Randal (4A) and Niall Morahan (4C) have developed a suite of coding tests which can be used by any website to check for the most common hacking techniques to improve their online data security.

Coding a simulation of a predator and a prey’ - Stand number 2104 - Individual - Technology

Joe Molloy (1A) has coded a computer simulation of a predator-prey interaction which could be developed to predict how long an endangered species has in a given habitat before likely extinction.

If you would like to see their video presentations, you can do so by registering using this link and looking up their stand number. Congratulations and best of luck to all the participants. The awards ceremony will take place online on Friday afternoon.


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