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Catholic Schools Week 2023

Catholic Schools Week 2023 takes place from 22 - 29 January on the theme of ‘Walking Together in Faith & Love’:

Each of us are on a journey in life. For Catholics, this journey begins and ends with God. Each moment on that journey is a chance to come to know and love God, who has been revealed to us in Jesus Christ. We can feel God’s presence when we pray, when we spend time with loved ones, in nature, in moments of joy and when we come together as a community to celebrate God’s love at Mass. As we walk along our journey, God is with us every step of the way.

Every Catholic school seeks to help students along their journey, nurturing their gifts and talents. Each student is a reflection of God with the potential to make society a kinder and more just place for all. This Catholic Schools Week, we celebrate the unique contribution our schools make to the lives of our pupils, community and Church. As we journey together, may we always be inspired by the Holy Spirit to be all that God made us to be. May we walk together in faith and love.

To celebrate Catholic Schools Week 2023 we asked our Junior Cycle students to put together a presentation on the important role their grandparents have played in their lives.

We enjoyed a fascinating display of presentations from members of 2C who shared inspiring life stories of their grandparents including a former Gonzaga staff member, Joan Whelan, and RTE sport broadcaster Bill O'Herlihy. We spoke to Harry Martin's grandad on the phone who shared some sage advice to the students.

Thanks to Ms O'Brien-Quinn for these photos.


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