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Classics Awards

The CAIT (Classics Association of Ireland Teachers) holds an annual competition for students with an interest in Ancient History, Greek and Roman literature and civilisation. Many of our students from all years entered the four different categories. This year, Justin Ikwu in 4B won the Robin Miller Trophy – the highest award for the Senior competition. He submitted a project on ‘Recognising Roman Oppression’, an in-depth analysis of the oppression that occurred throughout the Roman empire, examined through a modern lens. The judges labelled it a ‘masterful project’, which combined meticulous research, inclusion of Latin language sources, and clear and skilful communication.

In the Palma Lingua Antigua Award, the award for projects based on Latin or Greek languages, Seán Radcliffe from 4D placed second. Seán produced an incredibly detailed project using both Latin and Ancient Greek sources including Ovid, Hesiod and Aristophanes to examine the topic ‘Chaos in Creation’. The CAIT remarked that they were highly impressed by his work.

Seán was also Highly Commended in the Senior Competition, as was Harry Stewart (4D).

The following Second Years were Highly Commended in the Junior competition: Seanán Walsh, Adam Whitaker, Hien Costello, Jim Devlin, Seanie O’Sullivan, Alex Burns, Alex Ó Tuama, Conor Rogers, Ross Wilson, Jack Carr.

A big well done for the excellent work produced by Justin and Sean, but also by all of the students who entered the competition! And thanks and well done to their teachers: Ms Carretero, Dr Corcoran, and Ms Wyer.


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