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Message to the Class of 2020

We would like to welcome you to the Past Pupils Union and congratulate you on your Leaving Certificate results. On behalf of the Union, we would like to wish you ever success with your chosen college course or career path.

This was a different year for you all and indeed, a difficult one with an anxious wait for your Leaving Cert results. We are sure you missed so much about your final year, end of school celebrations, Leaving Cert night and of course your formal graduation.

We continue to grow our events and while we may not be able to hold any before Christmas, we hope to see you at them over the coming years. We will keep you up to date with any news/events etc. and you can also check out our website at

To help us keep in contact with you, should you change your mobile phone number or email address, please send the updated details to

We look forward to meeting you at some of our events once we can get back to normal.

Yours sincerely

Will Sparks


Conor Gahan

Vice – President


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