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MS Readathon 2021

All First Year students are encouraged to take part in the 2021 MS Readathon, which runs for the month of November. The aim of the initiative is to encourage reading for pleasure while also raising money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Participants get sponsored to read as many books as they can during November.

If your son would like to take part, he has to be registered by a parent first. Details have been sent to parents of First Years via Compass.

Once a student has been registered, they will then have their own fundraising page, and they can start fundraising. There are pre-written emails, social media tiles and links to the child’s page that are sent out from the child/adult asking for support from family and friends.

All the fundraising is done online. Students can log in and review their favourite books, build their avatars and collect virtual badges and awards. There are also some amazing prizes to be won along the way too.

Check out for full details.


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