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'Plean Bee' documentary on TG4

Beautiful footage from the walled garden and grounds of Gonzaga College SJ. The video is an excerpt from the documentary 'Plean Bee' about the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan. The programme was produced by Dearcán Media for TG4 and aired on Thursday 20 May (World Bee Day). It can be viewed in full on the TG4 player here.

The programme features school librarian, Ms Siobhán McNamara, who talks about some recent biodiversity initiatives in the school such as the planting of a new native hedgerow and the creation of ‘Managed for Wildlife’ areas, and Transition Year coordinator Mr Mark Earley who keeps bees on the school grounds. Green Schools committee members Seán Radcliffe (3rd Year) and Stan O’Beirne (5th Year) also appear doing some work in the school’s walled garden.

Ms McNamara says: ‘We were very pleased to be invited to take part in this documentary, which showcases the important work being done all over the island of Ireland to improve biodiversity and help pollinators. We hope the programme will highlight the vital role that pollinators play in our ecosystems and that it will encourage people to take actions in their own homes and communities. Caring for Our Common Home is one of the four Jesuit Universal Apostolic Preferences and even the smallest actions can have an impact.'


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