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St Andrew's MUN

During the week before Easter, Gonzaga sent a delegation of six students to represent the school at the annual St Andrew’s Model United Nations conference at the Royal Marine Hotel.The delegation in question (Justin Ikwu, Toby Burns, Conal Flannery, Johnny Cunnane, Daniel Carroll and Niall Morahan) spent four days debating as the delegation of Belarus in various committees. Although they were a challenging number of days, they were thoroughly enjoyable and a success for Gonzaga. We came home with five of our delegates winning Distinguished Delegate (the best award that can be won by an individual) and were one of the three schools to win Outstanding Delegation (the best award that can be won by a delegation). This is a remarkable achievement given that there were almost 400 delegates from across the world present. We had a fantastic time and cannot wait to attend future conferences, such as the upcoming WICKMUN and potentially, Royal Russell!


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