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Thank you, Class of 2020

This week we can't help but reminisce on February of last year... a time when the Class of 2020 were busy preparing for their Leaving Cert Mock Exams while getting involved in all that 6th year has to offer...

Attending talks from alumni involved in the Creative Arts who returned to the school to share their experiences during the week of the CALL, welcoming Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh to the Coulson Theatre for Gaelzaga, music students out and about in Vienna visiting a Jesuit church with Ms Dunne and Mr Duffy, while the SCT were warming down after their gloriously historic Rugby season. We see you Class of 2020 and we will never forget your time being cut short here with us. A year on, your smiling faces light up the staff room thanks to this ingenious 'doortrait' that we received, produced by parents Darina Meagher, Rosie Dawson and Conor McCarthy.

We were also so delighted to receive such a beautiful and touching gift from the parents of the Class of 2020 in the form of this stained glass piece by the artist George Walsh which stunningly depicts life in Gonzaga College SJ. Forever grateful.


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