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The Brennan Cup 2023

Well done to all the performers in last night's Brennan Cup music competition. Both the high standard and the range of instruments included made for a very enjoyable evening. The competition was founded by our friend and teacher Joe Brennan SJ and and is a fitting way to remember him and his love of music. The results were:

First place: Johnny Blake (5A), violin.

Second place: Jack McIntyre (5C), flute.

Third place: Cormac Hannon (5B), recorder.

Very Highly Commended: Tom Kelly (1A), oboe, and Louis O'Kelly (6C), viola.

We were also treated to a fantastic piano performance by the previous winner, Joe O'Grady (5D).

Thank you to Ms Dunne and Ms O'Brien for organising, and a special thanks to alumni Marc Lincoln and Michael Carey for adjudicating.


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