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Young Classicist Awards 2021

Congratulations to all the students who were successful in the Young Classicist Awards 2021:

Award: "Palma Lingua Antiqua".

  1. Sean Radcliffe for his project "The Battle of Salamis". He demonstrated a detailed knowledge of Ancient Greek far beyond his years. The judges were extremely impressed.

Award: "Junior Classicist Dionysus Award".

  1. Gold: Owen Taylor for his project "The Colosseum". This project combined Owen's artistic talents, detailed research and even some written Latin that demonstrated everything that we look for in an excellent Classics student.

  2. Silver: Louis Tempany for a clever and entertaining retelling of the story of Jason and the Argonauts in a Dublin modern setting.

  3. Bronze: Olly Riley for his clever gossip magazine retelling of the story of "Jason and Medea" and Brandon O’Neill for a brilliant comic retelling of Jason's story.

  4. Finalists: Andrew McGorrian and TJ Hannify for their excellent project "Minecraft of Jason and the Argonauts"

Here are the Classical Association of Ireland's pages where you can see these students' work:

Congratulations also to their teachers Ms Carretero, Ms Penn, and Ms Wyer.

See more photos here.


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