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Admissions / Application Forms

Link to Admissions Policy – September 2024 Entry

Link to Notice of Admission for 2024

Application Forms will be accepted ONLY during the admission window 1st October to 22nd October 2023 inclusive. Applications after this date will be considered late applications in accordance with the policy.

Late Application Form for 1st year 2024:

Applications to 1st Year for 2025 Onwards

The College can no longer accept any new applications for admission to the College for future years. These can only be made in the preceding year during the applications’ window.


However, you may register to be placed on our expression of interest list on the link below. 


Applications for 2nd – 6th Year 2024

Application Forms for September 2024 entry will be accepted up to and including 1st May 2024.

Link to the application form: 

If you have any queries, please, email


Fr John Sullivan Access Programme

Application forms for September 2024 entry will be accepted up to and including 22nd October 2024.


For Social Diversity Programme (Bursary Information) please email
Link to Fr John Sullivan Programme Application Form


Any queries in relation to the Social Diversity Programme please email:


Preliminary expression of interest forms for applications for 2025 onwards:

2025 –



2026 –



2027 –



2028 –



2029 –



2030 –



2031 –

2032 –

2033 –

2034 –

2035 –

2036 –

2037 –


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