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Green Schools

See latest Green Schools news here.

Gonzaga College SJ is proud to be in the Green Schools Programme, where we aim to better our school by making it more environmentally friendly.

At the end of the school year 2020-21 we were presented with our seventh Green Flag, this one for Global Citizenship: Energy. Previous themes were Litter and Waste, Energy, Water, Travel, and Biodiversity.


We are currently working on our eighth flag. The theme this time is Global Citizenship: Marine Environment. So far we have conducted a Marine Litter Awareness Survey among the students, and we have chosen the Green Code of 'Cause a Commotion, Save the Ocean'. Well done to Jules Start in First Year for suggesting it.

To promote biodiversity on the school grounds we have planted two new native hedgerows and set aside wildlife areas. See 2021 photos of the wildlife areas here, 2020 photos here and 2019 photos here.​​​


If you are interested in joining the Green Schools Committee, please talk to Ms McNamara in the Library.















Sustainable transport day 2018.jpg
New hedge 14 Feb 2019.png
Marine green code.jpg
TY litter pick up.jpg
Green Flag ceremony 22.05.19
Green Flag presentation 08.10.2021.JPG
My Promise Mother Earth Gonzaga visit (1).JPG
Season of Creation Gonzaga tree planting 04.10.2021 (2).jpg
Gonzaga F4F 01.03.19.jpg
Wildlife management
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