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League & Cup Results 2016

Team                Opponent          Venue            Date            Result

Snr 1st XI (F)   High School      Away             6th April      Cancelled

Snr 1st XI (Lg)  King’s Hospital Leinster       13th April      (W) 8 wkts

Snr 1st XI (Lg)  Wesley               Away            27th April  

Jnr 1st XI (F)    CUS                    Home            7th April    (L) 45 runs

Jnr 1st XI (Lg)  High School      Leinster         14th April  (W) 44 runs

Jnr 1st XI (Lg)  Wesley               Away             18th April   (W) 7 wkts

Jnr 1st XI (Lg)    St. Gerard’s     Away             22nd April       (W) 8 wkts

Jnr 1st XI (Lg)    Blackrock         Leinster         26th April

U14 1st XI (Lg)    St. Joseph’s      Home            19th April     (W) 5 wkts

U14 1st XI (Lg)    Wesley              Away              25th April

U14 1st XI (Lg)   St. Declan’s        Civil Service  4th May

U14 1st XI (Lg)    King’s Hospital  Home            10th May

U14 2nd XI (F)    CUS                     Home             18th April    (L) 9 wkts

U14 2nd XI (F)    St. Andrew’s       Home             21st April    (L) 78 runs

U14 2nd XI (F)    St. Mary’s           Away               26th April

U14 2nd XI (F)     Pres Bray          Home              4th May

U13 1st XI (F)     Castleknock       Away               15th April    (W) 69 runs

U13 1st XI (Lg)   Wesley                Away               21st April    (L) 31 runs

U13 1st XI (Lg)   CUS                     Home               25th April

U13 1st XI (Lg)   St. Mary’s           Away                5th May

U13 1st XI (Lg)   St. Michael’s      Home

U13 2nd XI (F)   CUS                     Away               13th April    (W) 14 runs

U13 2nd XI (F)   St. Columba’s    Away                19th April    (L) 42 runs

U13 2nd XI (F)   CUS                    Home                22nd April   (L) 70 runs

U13 2nd XI (F)   High School      Away                  6th May

U13 2nd XI (F)   St. Andrew’s     Home                 9th May

U13 2nd XI (C)   Headfort/CUS   Home

(Lg) – League; (C) – Cup; (Pl) – Plate; (F) – Friendly

Ireland under 15s won a week-long cricket tournament against 5 countries in a European Trophy (ICC Europe championships) in 2015.


The five nations that Ireland beat were:

Scotland, Holland, Denmark, Jersey and Guernsey.


Two Gonzaga boys played a significant part; Rory McGovern & Max Neville (4th Year)

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