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'Helping Souls' was Ignatius’s practice of accompanying others on their journey with God. It was based on his experience of how God first taught and guided him. Ignatius shared his interior readiness and openness to God every day and more specifically at those stages of his journey in which he let go of his personal desires to follow the direction in which God was leading him. As a spiritual companion he helped others to recognise how God was leading them in a similar way. Following in the footsteps of St Ignatius this page offers resources that will nourish you mentally and spiritually and 'feed your soul'. 


To meet every visitor to this site where they are at on their individual spiritual journey, we have created three resource lists. Throughout this crisis we put particular emphasis on supporting you and your loved ones with help, advice and wisdom from around the world. 



Added 03.04.2020:

Mindfully Waiting for Easter: A compassionate response. Sr. Stan Kennedy and the Director of the Sanctuary, Jane Negrych, will be guiding through Mindfulness and Compassion meditations on Saturday, 4th April from 11am to 12:15pm. For more see here (scroll down) 

Added 01.04.2020:

'Finding Hope in Uncertain Times' is a free 21-day meditation practice by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra   

Added 30.03.2020:

-Every Sunday Pat Murphy offers 'Nutrition for the Soul' through his excellent blogspot. 

-This 'Covid-19 Giveback' lists a great range of services, from meditation to music, which are available for free throughout this crisis.

Added 26.03.2020:

For parents of younger children a selection of mindfulness activities: 

-'Sitting Still Like a Frog' activity book by Shamble Publications  

-'The Artful Parent: simple ways to fill your family life with art and creativity' by Shamble Publications  

-'Read along with Jason Gruhl! audio book by Shamble Publications   

-Ten Percent Happier: Podcast '231 Parenting in a Pandemic' by Susan Kaiser Greenland

'Helping Children to embrace big emotions' by  Wendy O'Leary 

Added 25.03.2020:

The Coping Calendar by Action for Happiness

Added 24.03.2020:

-One of the best mindfulness apps and supports out there, Headspace not only includes an array of meditations (and how to go about it), but also an excellent blog and in the times of Covid-19, additional free support. 

-An alternative app to help you build gratitude, overall happiness and reduce anxiety is Calm.   

-As a response to the isolation and disruption caused by the virus, The Sanctuary is offering free online meditation sessions via Zoom three times per week (Monday mornings 10:00-10:30; Wednesday evenings 19:30 to 20:00; Thursday afternoons 13:15 to 13:45). 

-Relaxation Techniques recommended by NEPS and NCGE 

-Calm the Chaos Journal (A Daily Practice for a More Peaceful Life)  

-Loving Kindness Meditation Script 

-Morning affirmations for children  

-Keep Calm and Stay Focused: Expert Tips for State Exam Students Students studying at Home  


Added 03.04.2020

- 'A reflection for students in times of uncertainty' by Desmond Gibney of Belvedere College SJ

-A series of liturgies will be live streamed from the Boston College campus beginning on Palm Sunday, April 5. See full schedule here. A video of each liturgy will be available following the live stream. 

Added 01.04.2020

'Pray as you Go' offers special daily prayers throughout this crisis, called 'Pray as You Stay'.

Added 26.03.2020

-The Jesuit Blog 'In All Things

-Sacred Heard Messenger online (April 2020)  


Added 24.03.2020:

-The Jesuit Examen for Students, a daily (or weekly) practice of gratitude and discernment  

-A great app to support your Examen practice is Reimagining the Examen.   See here also.   

-Six simple steps on praying the Examen daily   

-Guiding others in the Examen  

-Ignatian ‘PRAY AS YOU GO’ app and site to feed your soul daily through the Ignatian way.  

-Three-Minute-Retreats: short and insightful reflection and prayer published daily online by the Loyola Press   

-Ignatian Contemplation (Praying with the Bible) by Fr. James Martin SJ 

-Ignatian Meditation: Praying with the Bible 

-Ten Ignatian Tips for Coping with Coronavirus: A spirituality for strange times by Brendan McManus SJ  

-An encouraging letter by Joellyn Cicciarell, President and Editor of the Loyola Press, for times of crisis and need.    

-Contemplation in Quarantine by Ryan Birjoo SJ   

Inspiring articles of Ignatian origin: 

Added 30.03.2020:

-'Spanish flu and the Christian response to need' by Kevin Hargaden 

-'Learn from the poor and vulnerable in the time of coronavirus crisis' by Hoffman Ospino (Professor of Theology and Religious Education at Boston College) 

Added 26.03.2020:

-'Ignatian Wisdom for covid-19' by Nikolaas Sintobin SJ 

-'The weakened immunity of an individualistic society' by Kevin Hargarden 

Added 25.03.2020:

-Facing Death and Finding Hope in the Light of Covid-19 

-Don't take life so seriously: Montaigne's lessons on the inner life

Added 24.03.2020:  



Added 01.04.2020:

-Donnybrook parish have started broadcasting Mass at 11am each Sunday through the parish website. All are very much invited to join!

-Palm Sunday Mass on April 5th at 11am on RTE One  

Added 30.03.2020:

Catholic Women Preach is an innovative project designed to address some of the most pressing challenges facing the Church today by responding to Pope Francis’ call for broader and more active engagement of the baptized in the preaching mission of the Church. Every Sunday and on Days of Holy Obligation Women Theologists share their insights of the day's scripture readings.


Added 26.03.2020:

The Sacred Space your daily prayer online 

Added 25.03.2020:

-Pray for the World (PFTW): an invitation by Pope Francis to pray for an end of the pandemic.

-Vatican Publishes Guidelines for Easter Celebrations during Coronavirus 

-The Mass is still with us even under quarantine 

Added 24.03.2020

-Prayers for Home when gathering for Mass is not possible (by the Diocese of Elphin) 

-Out of disaster and despair good can emerge by Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy   --

-What is Contemplative Prayer and Why is it so Needed? By Fr Richard Rohr  

-Fr. Richard Rohr and the Centre of Action and Contemplation offer inspiring daily reflections, called ‘Daily Meditations’. To support you and your families in times of crisis Fr. Richard shares his wisdom through the Crisis Contemplations.   

What's Your Story? A Day in My Life: Living Under the COVID-19 Pandemic 

EducateMagis invites students from all Jesuit schools around the world to share their stories with each other as we live through these uncertain times.

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” (1John 4:18)


In approx. 200 words (3-4 paragraphs), describe what your typical day has been like since the outbreak of COVID-19. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What is happening with the coronavirus crisis in your country?

  • How have these changes impacted your daily routines?

  • What have been the challenges from this situation (desolations)?

  • What have been the gifts and graces from this situation (consolations)?

  • How has that made you feel about the world we live in and the future that lies ahead?

  • What should our society should learn from this crisis that has affected us globally?

  • What are your concerns and hopes?

At the end of your essay, please write your first name only, your age, your school, and what country you live in. Submit your story to Ms Clarke and it will be shared with our global community of teachers and youth all over the world. Sow your seed of God’s love through your story. For more, please see here

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