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College SEN Policy 2023

The Special Educational Needs (SEN) Department in Gonzaga College SJ supports students who have been assessed with a specific learning need according to the guidelines of the Department of Education & Skills (DES). 

Support from the DES is allocated under these guidelines for students who receive resource teaching support for designated learning needs.  Applications for resource support are applied for on an individual basis through the Special Educational Needs Organiser (SENO) assigned to the College by National Council for Special Education. These applications are made annually and throughout the year, to the SENO.  


The College is not in receipt of significant additional DES funding for learning support; however, it allocates funding from its own resources to provide support to address the needs of those students who do not meet the DES criteria relating to resource teaching support.  Such students are supported by the SEN department, the CARE team ( SST) and classroom teachers who have direct responsibility for students in their charge. Similarly, the College is not in receipt of additional DES funding for EAL.  

Reasonable accommodations for students in State Examinations are applied for each year by the SEN department.  It may be necessary for parents to update professional reports to assist in this application process.


Any queries regarding SEN support in the College should be addressed to Philippa Morris-Peeters, SEN Co-ordinator at


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