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To help us catalogue and identify, the Archive page will regularly post collections of photos of the past.  Help us by sending your comments and identifications to


Update 27 January 2021

Congratulations to Philip McDonagh (Class of 1970) on the publication of On the Significance of Religion for Global Diplomacy. McDonagh is a former ambassador, Adjunct Professor and Director of the Centre for Religion, Human Values, and International Relations at Dublin City University, Ireland, and Distinguished Global Fellow at the Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton, USA.

More details about the book can be found here.

McDonagh book.jpg

Update 03 December 2020

An internal Soccer League was played on Sunday mornings. 

Three teams competed:- Syndicate,  Clonskeagh Dynamos and Sandford Rovers 

These photos are dated between 1956 and 1958

Update 12 November 2020

At a time when the Gonzaga stage is unusually dark, here are some random photos of past Sixth Year plays,

Information Archive

Update 09 October 2020

As the pandemic has halted temporarily the rotation of archive items in the display cabinet,  the

Archive section of the website will regularly publish a few photos. The College has just celebrated its

70th birthday so some very early photos are attached. 

Set designs by Mr Darragh O'Connell. RIP.

1968 production of Billy Budd, directed by Darrach Connolly. We would be interested to hear your recollections of the production.

Class of 1969

We intend, finally, to frame photos of the classes prior to 1976 and need to identify individuals accurately. Please send the names of those above to

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