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Creative Writing Opportunities

Students from all years are invited to take part in two creative writing projects:

1. What will the future bring?

A writing competition in conjunction with St Peter's Prep, a Jesuit high school in New Jersey. Interested students are ask to create a work of fiction or poetry which imagines what the future's environmental challenges might look like:

Will certain crops be extinct and areas of the globe be uninhabitable? What new industries might arise due to climate change? Do you imagine the political conversation regarding the environment will be similar to that of today? Whatever your answers to these questions might be, use them to create new and original work that's tied to a specific place: Dublin, your home area, or some other locality.

Students in the USA will be responding to a similar prompt and you may have your work published in the next print edition of the Literama, the literary magazine of St Peter’s Prep. Join us for this cross-cultural literary adventure!

2. Ranelagh 2060

Angle is a new Ranelagh literary magazine. The theme of the next issue is ‘Ranelagh 2060’. What are your hopes and fears for the future? What will the world look like in 40 years time? The editors are looking for written contributions and images.

You can submit the same piece for both projects if it is suitable. See Ms McNamara in the Library for more details. The deadline for both projects is Monday 21 October.

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