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Ultimate Frisbee: UK U20s National Championships

Over the weekend a Gonzaga Ultimate Frisbee team competed in the UK U-20s National Indoor Championships in Wolverhampton. Having visited before in 2016 (3rd) and 2018 (2nd) the team was looking to break their seeding and become the first Irish team to win the event. Day one went perfectly to plan with a dominant display in pool play and two more wins in upper pool seeding, including a 10-9 defeat of the reigning champions, meaning Gonzaga went into the quarter-finals as top seeds. Sunday morning saw a straightforward quarter-final win followed by a nervy and difficult 10-8 win in the semi-finals. The final was a repeat of Saturday's 4th game vs Flux 1, a team of players from Cheshire who had won the event last year. Unfortunately they started very strongly and despite the team's best efforts victory belonged to the opposition. Well done to the players involved for all their hard work and commitment of the past few months. Maybe next year will be the year...

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