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All Ireland Schools Team Racing Championships

Last weekend Gonzaga College SJ participated in the All Ireland Schools Team Racing Championships in Dun Laoghaire. Captained by Sixth Year Trevor Bolger, with Jacques Murphy and Archie Daly also at the helm over the two days, the Gonzaga team won every race sailed and were the overall winners of the event. This is the first time a school from Leinster has won this trophy and we are very proud of all the sailors on the team - from First to Sixth Year!

Trevor Bolger (C) (Helm 1)

Jacques Murphy (Helm 2)

Archie Daly (Helm 3)

Ethan Hunt (Crew 1)

Cathal O’Regan (Crew 2)

Jules Start (Crew 3)

Substitute: Oscar Malone

Read details about the event in this article from Afloat.



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