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BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition 2023

**Update Monday 16 January

Congratulations to Joe Molloy who won third place in the Junior Technology Individual category**

Well done to the five Second Year students who had projects accepted for this year's BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition. The exhibition opened yesterday in the RDS and runs until Saturday. See more details here.

Joe Molloy (Stand 2104): ‘Creating New AI Proof Captchas’ – The project develops new captchas to protect websites from AI that are easier to understand for humans yet even more secure from artificial intelligence.

Eoin O’Herlihy and Oscar Malone (Stand 2401): ‘A Sustainable Method Of Storing Wind Energy For Days When Wind Is Not Available’ - This project develops a sustainable method of storing excess wind energy for days with no wind using a hydro-electric battery.

Hugo Reddy and Ciaran Bowen (Stand 2407): ‘Creating a Portable Gadget that Generates Renewable Electricity’ – This project aims to create green energy from basic occurrences in daily life.

Eoin and Oscar had some very special visitors to their stand yesterday.

Thanks to Mr McGroggan for the photos.


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