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'Ever to Excel' in Boston College

Over the summer, seven Sixth Year students took part in the Ever to Excel programme in Boston College. This programme is guided by the wisdom of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, and aims to help participants to learn more about their place in the world and how to create a more meaningful life through the lens of Ignatian spirituality. Thanks to Ms Denny for accompanying the students. Below are some of their impressions of the week. And you can watch a video about the programme here.

'I enjoyed it very much. I loved meeting new people from Boston and the rest of the US. They were some of the friendliest and interesting people I have ever met. I also got such a great insight into religion in the States and how it has such a good impact on a lot of people. It definitely encouraged me to improve my spirituality. The talks and group discussion also had a big impact on me and I learned a huge amount. The city of Boston was very cool and the campus itself was incredible. It was overall such a good experience and I would encourage anyone to do it.'

Adam McVerry

'Ever to Excel was a great opportunity to meet new people with different experiences and stories. It was so interesting to experience a snippet of American life. There was also a good focus on Ignatian spirituality and allowed for some reflection too.'

Tom Wyley

'Ever to Excel was one of the most fun weeks I’ve ever had, I made loads of new friends and grew closer with my friends I travelled with. An amazing experience I’d recommend to everyone interested.'

Thomas Crotty

'The opportunity to go to Boston College and take part in Ever to Excel was an unforgettable experience. As soon as we arrived we were greeted so warmly. Throughout the week, I got to know the people on the retreat and within my group really well. Being able to see how differently they all live their lives and to hear of the high school experience was super interesting. The retreat was a great chance to reflect, develop and learn about myself. The candlelight Masses each evening were incredibly special and a highlight of the trip. I would highly recommend anyone who has the chance to apply next year and into the future. It was such an incredible week.'

Eoin Sadlier

'Ever To Excel provided an opportunity for us to explore and improve our relationship with ourselves, others, and God in an open environment. The retreat which was based upon honesty and reflection was extremely special and we learned about different perspectives on faith and life through inciteful talks from speakers. Through meaningful conversations with those around us, we made some extremely unique friendships with the other retreatants who were from all over the US. I hope the lessons learned there and the friendships I made will continue long into the future.'

John Carton


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