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Morgan & O'Flanagan Elected TCD Scholars

Congratulations to Cian Morgan (Class of 2021 and currently studying Medicine) and Liam O’Flanagan (Class of 2022 and currently studying Law and Business) who have been elected as Scholars of Trinity College Dublin.


The Scholarship or ‘Schols’ is a Trinity institution with a long history and high prestige. Some of Trinity’s greatest alumni – such as Edmund Burke, Samuel Beckett and Mary Robinson – were Scholars. Students in their second year may opt to take Scholarship or ‘Schols’ exams, usually held in January. These in-depth examinations are the basis for the election to Scholarship. A Scholarship is tenured for five years, during which time the Scholar is entitled to free Trinity accommodation, their evening meal free of charge at Commons (a three course meal served each weekday in the Dining Hall on campus), a waiver of their tuition fees and an annual stipend. Scholars are also entitled to use the letters “Sch.” after their name.


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